10 Best Mobiles Under 5000 In India (2022) – Buyer’s Guide

best mobiles under 5000

Nowadays everyone is looking for the best mobile phones under their budget but what would your reaction be if we told you that you can buy a phone for under Rs. 5,000? 

We have the best mobile phones to choose from when you have a limited budget and don’t know which one to buy. Almost every mobile phone under Rs. 5,000 has been examined. We have compiled a list of 10 phones that meet the criteria of the best quality, memory, RAM, and many other features an ideal Android device should have.

A feature phone to a top-notch Android under Rs. 5,000 can be quite a difference. With this list of mobile phones under Rs. 5,000, we will showcase the best phone under Rs. Rs. 5,000 just for you, in various colors and styles. The phones on our list of the best phones under Rs. 5,000 in India provide the best possible experience at a budget that won’t break the bank. The best budget phone under Rs. 5,000 is right here. Under Rs. 5,000, we have compiled a list of the best phones to buy in India which offer good quality and decent performance for those who don’t need to break the bank but still need something more than a feature phone.

Our Top Picks

Nokia 5310 Dual SIM  Best Overall

 The Nokia 5310 dual sim is the best phone, especially for elders. This phone is simply convenient for elders to answer phone calls. There is Bluetooth connectivity so that contact lists can be easily transferred. The device offers FM radio and MP3 playback for entertainment. With a battery life of 1200 mAh, the device can run up to 22 days on a single charge.
3,324.003,999.00 Buy Now

Lava A3 (white beige) Best Budget

The phone is a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable battery backup at a reasonable price. Using this, you can also listen to FM radio and share pictures and songs easily via Bluetooth. It is the best choice for you. 
1,212.001,319.00 Buy Now

Itel A25 Gradation Purple  Best Camera quality

There is no better mobile phone under Rs. 5,000 rupees than the Itel Gradation Purple. At this price, you will get a phone with the best quality camera to capture all the special moments of your life. This smartphone has a 5MP primary camera and a 2MP front camera
4,990.00 Buy Now

Itel A25 Gradation Purple Best fingerprint reader

Intel launched its A25 Pro smartphones at Rs 4,999. The smartphone has numerous features, featuring dual 5MP rear cameras with AF and LED flash and a 5MP camera for selfies. Additionally, the device is equipped with dual security features such as Fast Face Unlock and Multifunctional Fingerprint Sensor.
4,990.00 Buy Now

Where To Buy The Best Phone In India On A Budget?

This article gives you an in-depth comparison of the options available under Rs. 5,000. If you are looking for the best mobile phone under Rs.Rs. 5,000 but are having difficulty comparing the options, this article is for you. Our selection of models below includes models that cost more than Rs. Rs. 5,000, but we keep their prices below Rs. Rs. 5,000 as well. We offer a variety of phones that you can select from if you are looking for something your parents would like or looking for something with excellent features. There is something in our inventory for every customer. 

Summary & Price Range Of The Best 4G Phones Under Rs. 5,000

Here are the best 4G mobile phone names and the price list made by our research team so that you can find your phone easily.

S.no Product name Price 
1Lava A9 (Rose Gold)Rs. 1,576
2Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Feature Phone with MP3 Player, WirelessRs. 3,324
3Lava FLIP, BlueRs. 1,752
4Nokia 150 (2020) (Black)Rs. 2,499
5Itel A25 Gradation PurpleRs. 4,499
6Samsung Guru Music 2 (SM-B310E, Blue)Rs. 2,490
7Nokia 105 Single SIM (Black)Rs. 1,349
8Nokia 110 Dual SIM (Black)Rs. 1,739
9Lava A3 (White Beige)Rs. 1,212
10I kall Z5 Smartphone (3GB, 16GB) Green Rs. 4,999 

Below Are Our 10 Favorite 4G Mobiles Under Rs. 5,000

1. Lava A9 (Rose Gold)

In this segment, it’s probably the best feature phone! Besides being lightweight, sturdy, nice looking, and loud enough, it has three great features. You will forget where you last placed the charger when you have a long-lasting battery. You can also use cellular connectivity. So far, this device has not presented any issues. 

The specifications are a 1700mAH lithium-ion battery, 4MB RAM, dual SIM (GSM+GS), and 1.3MP primary camera. The device measures 7.12 centimeters (2.8 inches) in diameter and has a 240 x 320-pixel resolution camera. A one-year manufacturer warranty covers it. The mobile phone comes with a 6-month manufacturer warranty covering battery and charger.

Pros Cons 
Excellent battery life up to 4-5 days.Low memory 
It comes with a significant display benefit for elders
Suitable for the second phone 

2. Nokia 5310 Dual SIM Feature Phone with MP3 Player, Wireless

It is an excellent phone for your elderly family members if you want something unique and straightforward. The mobile phone is not only stylish but comfortable too. You cannot put your hands on it. You can quickly transfer your contact name via Bluetooth. This mobile has specific features to learn, especially for the elder. 

It has dedicated music buttons and powerful front-facing speakers for wireless FM radio and MP3 players. 

There is a 1200mAh battery that will last you for up to 22 days (Dual SIM) on a single charge. The phone has a timeless design with a clean and elegant numeric keypad and a sturdy build. Using the phone is easy thanks to an intuitive navigation system. 20.7 h of talk time with a single SIM card over GSM. With its curved display, you can see everything that’s playing at a glance

Pros Cons 
Old micro USB No 4G support 
Stunning high-quality designLimited memory 
Dedicated Music Control Buttons

3. Lava FLIP, Blue

With the Lava Flip, you will be reminded of your childhood years with its iconic flip design. You can choose between two striking color variations of this stylish feature phone – red or blue. 

The Lava Flip features a 2.4″ touchscreen display, polycarbonate body, and a memory capacity of 32 GB. Military-grade certification and a transparent 360-degree case round out the features of the phone. The Lava Flip supports dual SIM and is equipped with a 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery that lasts up to three days on a single charge. The phone has a VGA camera, a blinking notification LED at the top, and auto-call recording.

Pros Cons 
Dual SIM Poor call quality 
Lightweight Small display 
Long battery life The trouble with muting notification 

4. Nokia 150 (2020) (Black)

With Nokia 150, even the essentials are elevated. Featuring a more extended design, a 2.4″ screen, and larger-than-ever ergonomic keys, you’ll have no trouble maneuvering this device. Use the FM radio or MP3 player to find your next favorite song. Keep it running for weeks on a single charge, thanks to a battery that lasts for weeks. You can also use Bluetooth to share your best moments. The VGA camera and flash make it easy to capture the moments that matter. Enjoy a fun game on the move with classic Snake Xenzia, and with durable, long-lasting performance, the fun lasts.

A display measures 6.09 cm (2.4 inches) in size, with large buttons and an ergonomic design. This model supports a MicroSD card slot that is expandable to 32 GB. The phone can take photos using the camera’s flash when connected to the network using GSM 900/1800.  Besides a 3.5mm headphone jack and a wireless FM radio, it has an MP3 player and Bluetooth. Talk time is up to 19.4 hours from the battery, and standby time is up to 23.4 days. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the device and a 6-month warranty for the accessories in the box, such as batteries.

Pros Cons 
Good design You can face difficulty hearing calls 
Good for elder An issue with the phone processor 
Good camera quality.Not suitable for capturing video

5. Itel A25 Gradation Purple

Tel Aviv launched the A25 Pro alongside the A48 in October 2020. Itel’s A25 Pro smartphone comes equipped with a 5-inch IPS display of 1280 x 720 pixels. With a processor that runs at 1.4GHz, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage, the phone wears the Unisoc 9832E quad-core. It can use a microSD card to expand the memory up to 32GB. In addition to a 5-inch display, the phone features a PPI of 294 and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Despite its thick bezels, this phone appears dated but appears to be sturdy and durable. Considering its price point, the A25 Pro also has a two-megapixel front camera and a five-megapixel rear camera. 

The phone has a Lithium-ion battery that features a capacity of 3,020mAh. Powered by Android 9.0 Pie (Go Edition), the phone provides 128GB of storage space. On the whole, the phone doesn’t stand out for its specs or looks. The phone is a basic one, and it might be a good purchase for a first-time smartphone user.

Pros Cons 
Affordable Bad camera quality 
Good battery backup Doesn’t support 2G or 3G
Has many features

6. Samsung Guru Music 2 (SM-B310E, Blue)

Here is an excellent durable, affordable, low-budget feature phone in a world full of smartphones within the basic price range. The built quality is good with all essential features like calling texting FM MP3 card support torch etc. After using it for a couple of days, you can find it’s better to carry a feature phone than to have a big smartphone. If you are planning to buy one, then this one is perfect.

With Samsung Guru, you can listen to FM radio stations very well. It is one of the best phones under Rs. 5,000 for music lovers. The display measures 2.25 inches (5.1 centimeters) and delivers a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The phone does not support touchscreens. With 16GB of internal memory and dual SIM (GSM and GSM), this device has plenty of storage. The handset has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 800mAh that provides 11 hours of talk-time. From the date of purchase, customers will have a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the phone and a 6-month warranty on accessories in the box, including batteries. It has a CPU speed of 208MHz; CPU type is single-core; USB 2.0 port; 3.5MM stereo jack; TFT display.

Pros Cons 
Good sound quality Contacts cannot be imported and exported.
Powerful battery backup Not compatible with the .vcf format.
Quite attractive 

7. Nokia 105 Single SIM (Black)

Nokia 105 is a phone that’s designed to make calls primarily. Besides offering a specified talk time of 14 hours, it is far superior to other modern phones. That is especially evident when you consider the standby time. Nokia claims you can use the phone for 25 days on standby. Once that happens, you should let him be. As long as you don’t do that but use it, you should be able to make it for a week. Its long battery life proves to be one of its most impressive features. The long battery life is mainly due to this device’s limited functions, revealing its weakness.

With a polycarbonate frame and a modern, durable design, you can count on lasting color. There’s plenty of space in the phone for up to 2,000 contacts and 500 SMS. The classic Snake game is included as well. Take advantage of the built-in radio to listen to music, news, and sports on the move. Make your way light with the flashlight built into the device.

Pros Cons 
Standby of a whooping 26 daysNot as old Nokia
Lock screen pin option The flashlight is turned off if you lock your screen.
The sound quality was good, with good signal strength.Sound quality is lost if the signal is low.

8. Nokia 110 Dual SIM (Black)

There is nothing classical about this Nokia phone. You can get fabulous features for under Rs. Rs. 5,000. Moreover, its battery can last for days on end. It is possible to listen to music on it by inserting a memory card. There is not good radio reception inside, but it does work well outside. If you want to connect the radio, you will need a wireless headset or earphone. For that, you need to buy a headset separately.  

Dual SIM capabilities are available on this phone. The display is 1.77 inches (4.49 cm). With 14 hours of talk time and 18.5 days of standby time on a single charge, this phone is best for you if you love to talk for hours. Besides its rear camera, it has an FM radio and a music player. Playback time is 27 hours. It has a 32GB expandable memory.

Pros Cons 
Compact dimension No headphones included 
Dual SIM Screen resolution 
Lightweight Haven’t supported 3G SIM 
External memory expansion slot No Bluetooth 

9. Lava A3 (White Beige)

You will enjoy a superb user experience and remain in contact with your friends and family when you use the Lava A3 White-Beige, 4MB. The feature phone has an alphanumeric keypad that you can easily use on this phone. The display is 1.8 inches and is more extensive than most feature phones. Additionally, the display has a resolution of 128 x 160 Pixels for a clear viewing experience, so your eyes will not strain when you use it for a long time.

Lava A3 (White-Beige, 4 MB) has a variety of multimedia features, including FM Radio. The phone is equipped with Bluetooth and a 2G network to ensure no interruptions of internet connectivity. A 1750 mAh Li-ion battery powers your Lava A3 (White-Beige, 4 MB), so it will never turn off.

Pros Cons 
This mobile is available at an affordable price.The device doesn’t have internet connectivity
Has long last battery life Instant message facility is not available in this product.
One primary camera is also present in this device.A hybrid SIM slot is not available in it.

10. I kall Z5 Smartphone (3GB, 16GB) Green

I Kall Z5 is a smartphone that comes with multiple features for under Rs. 5000, so if you are searching for a touchscreen phone under your budget this is only for you let’s read out its features. Read below. 

Featuring a 5.45-inch IPS LCD and a pixel density of 197ppi, the Kall Z5 comes with a screen resolution of 480 x 960 pixels. A water drop notch is positioned on the top of the display, housing the selfie camera. I Kall Z5’s rear side houses an 8MP Primary Camera along with LED Flash and Digital Zoom. With this camera, you can capture 3264 x 2448 pixels of pictures. It also has a 5MP camera on its front side with an LED flash.

It is equipped with a Quad-core CPU with a 1.3GHz clock speed. A 3GB RAM also allows for smooth multitasking. With this device, the I Kall Z5 has incorporated a non-removable Li-ion battery with a 3000mAh charge capacity. Powered by a 3000mAh battery, it can last an entire day when fully charged. A 32GB internal memory expansion slot is available for I Kall Z5. Furthermore, the smartphone supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, A-GPS, USB Charging, micro USB, and Mobile Hotspot. It is also compatible with 4G VoLTE mobile networks for video and voice calls.

Pros  Cons 
Good display and design.No AMOLED display 
3.5mm headphone jackNo USB Type-C port.
Have good storage memory Unable to connect fingerprint sensor.

How Do We Shortlist The Best Products For You?

Have you been curious about how we have handpicked the best phones under Rs. 5,000. in India for you? Please be patient while we provide you with all available information regarding our chosen method of communication. We prepare a complete list of the ten best phones based on what kind of phones our audience likes or demands; as a result, a whole team of us works on what kind of phones our audience wants. Lastly, we compile a comprehensive list of the ten best mobile phones.


1. Which is the best 4G mobile under Rs. 5,000?

If you are looking for the best 4G mobile phone under Rs. 5,000, you should go for Lava A1 dual SIM, which has excellent connectivity, especially the 4G LTE network. It would help if you used this phone for WiFi usage. 

2. Which mobile is best for the price range of Rs. 5,000 to 7000?

Nokia C01 Plus is the best phone within your budget to get the most out of your phone. The phone has dual-sim functionality and supports 3G, 4G, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi. The Unison SC9863A processor has an Octa-Core clock speed of 1.6 GHz. In addition to 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, the smartphone has a 3000mAh battery. The display has a resolution of 720×1440 pixels and is 5.45 inches in size. It has a rear and front camera, each of which has 5 megapixels. The phone supports memory cards up to 256 GB.

3. What is the cheapest phone in the world?

Freedom 251: An in-depth look at the “world’s cheapest smartphone.” An Indian company has announced the world’s cheapest smartphone. In its Freedom 251 announcement, Ringing Bells said it would sell for just 251 rupees, less than $4.


We have titled a list above ten best phones under Rs. 5,000. Our main aim is to get the best phone under your budget so that there is no choice but you will trap fraud or get the wrong phone for your loved ones. Before completing this article, we assessed your budget and your requirements. We hope the information you received was informative and made choosing a phone under Rs. 5,000 easy for you. How about checking out the phones above and making your choice? Pick your favorite phone and save money.

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10 Best Mobiles Under 5000 In India (2022) – Buyer’s Guide
10 Best Mobiles Under 5000 In India (2022) – Buyer’s Guide


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